Standard DX Model

Original price was: ₹2695.Current price is: ₹2395.

Product Description: Stand-alone ultrasonic high variable frequency rat repellent protecting an enclosed area of 300 sq.ft.



Completely Non-Audible for human or other pets.

Product Specification:

Power Supply: 230V AC Mains Outlet and 50 HZ frequency
Coverage Area: Stand Alone Models covers 300 Sq. Ft.
Operating Frequency: Above 20 KHz
Sound Output: 80 – 110 dB (Not Audible to Humans)
Weight: 700 Grams
Size: 21 x 7 x 10 cm
Power Output: 900 mW
Power Consumption: 5 Watts

How to Install This Unit –

  1. Plug the unit into a Indian standard 230 VC wall outlet point throughout 24/7.
  2. Place the unit against the area which you have planned to protect. Try to focus towards wall to bounce around the ultrasonic sound thoroughly to the entire room.
  3. It is also ideal to mount it on a wall corner 3 to 10 feet off the floor.
  4. Within 2-3 weeks you can notice the reduction in rodent activity, if not, you will have to install additional units. (Please note: Usually, the type of structure, contents and partitions may limit the area of effectiveness, so please make sure to place the unit carefully.)
  5. If your area is already infested by rodents then post commissioning of the repellent system an increased rodent activity might be observed which is called as Post Commissioning Syndrome. If there is no easy outlet for rats to escape, those rats need to be flushed out using manual traps like Glue pads or Rat traps.